Best Herbs for the Common Cold

In Western Medicine, we know that the common cold is caused by a virus but in Chinese Medicine, the attention is focussed on why, at particular times, your body’s immune system is not capable of dealing with these viruses. Understanding and treating what causes these weaknesses in the state of your health rather than the virus itself is the aim of the Chinese Medical approach.

According to CM (Chinese Medicine) theory, the external pathogen which can invade your body and cause this weakness is usually termed WIND which may sound like a very vague term but Chinese Medicine discusses illness in terms of broader patterns linked to nature. Wind invasion, much like in nature, causes ‘climactic disturbance’ and movement in the body and can imbalance the system to leave you susceptible to virus infection.

We are thought to be especially susceptible to wind invasion during season changes and especially weaker around the top of our spine and feet (so be sure to wear socks and scarves when out and about in cold and windy weather). Other ways to prevent colds according to CM include a good diet without too much damp producing foods like Dairy and Sugar, adequate sleep, controlling stress and drinking plenty of warm tisanes and tea!

In CM theory, wind invasion can lead to different kinds of Colds and Flu’s.

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